Indonesia Pavilion

This event will provide participants with an opportunity to experience a journey through Indonesia’s cultural aspect side-by-side with Indonesia’s development dynamic.

The Pavilion will be staged into three sections: (1) Art and Crafts Expo; (2) Tourism Booth; and (3) Infrastructure Expo.

Inside the Art and Crafts Expo, participants could see and purchase selected arts and crafts from Indonesia artisans (e.g. batik, woven fabric, painting, wooden crafts), learn about the product history, philosophy, and witness demos of how the products are made. The expo will allow participants to experience the diversity of Indonesia’s culture. The products will also be selected based on relevancy with development mission such as gender empowerment, environmental sustainability, and poverty reduction.

The Tourism Expo will promote selected tourist destinations in Indonesia in harmony with the activities of Wonderful Indonesia. Travel packages and consultation with travel agents will also be provided to assist participants in arranging their travel itinerary during their visit to Indonesia for the Annual Meetings

Inside the Infrastructure Expo, participants could see various displays of progress on Indonesia infrastructure development, and future priorities including pipeline projects, success stories on collaboration with MDBs, investment opportunities, and financing alternatives. 


7 am to 7 pm
8 to 14 October 2018


The Pavilion Indonesia, Main Campus

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