National Committee meeting, Indonesia is ready to host IMF-WGB Annual Meetings 2018

Jakarta – Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs Luhut Pandjaitan stated that Indonesia is ready to be the host of the international forum the International Monetary Fund-World Bank Group (AM IMF-WBG) Annual Meetings 2018 on October. He conveyed that in a press conference after directing the National Committee coordination for Annual Meetings in Mezzanine Aula, Ministry of Finance, Tuesday 13 March 2018.

As the Chairman of the National Committee, Luhut explained, everything related to the forum has been prepared. Things related to hotels, evacuation and security has been discussed in detail. Also if Mount Agung became active again or if there’s a tsunami occurs the evacuation and alternative landing has been prepared.

“Everything is on the right track, or we got no pending issue anymore. Everything has been prepared,” said Luhut.

Related to tourism, Luhut said, that there are 60-80 tourist destination prepared for the occasion.

All readiness will be delivered by the National Committee in the Spring Meeting IMF-WBG in Washington DC later on 20 April.

“i think all team has worked very hard. The teamwork is also good,” he added.

Related to the issue of funding, Luhut explained, that the National Committee has made a study about the impact of the expenditure for this event that reached Rp800 Billion. He thinks, more than half of the budget would come back as the country’s revenue.

As hotel payments, as example, the attendees will be paying by themselves. While the computer that will be the necessities for this event reached 400 units, will be shared to the schools in counties of Banyuwangi, Badung, and Lombok after the event.

“So basically those things will be given back to the people. Overall we’re trying to economize as possible, efficient as possible, without sacrificing the comfort of the attendees,” said Luhut.

Along with Luhut, also present in the press conference the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani, The Governor of Bank Indonesia Agus Martowardojo, the Minister of Communication and Informatics Rudiantara, and General Chief of Staff of Indonesian Armed Forces.

Generally the coordination meeting of the National Committee of the Annual Meetings 2018 discussing a few topics of the main execution, like the preparation of the location and accommodation and transportation. Beside that they also discussed the aspect of security, comfort and the communication strategy.

All of those will be packed in a manual book that will be published by the Meetings Team Secretariat (MTS)