Annual Meetings preparation pleased the World Bank Group

Jakarta – World Bank Group and IMF stated their satisfaction over the preparations that have been done by the National Committee (PanNas) of the IMF-WBG Annual Meetings 2018 in Bali later in October.

This was conveyed by the Governor of Bank Indonesia Agus Martowardojo in the National Committee press conference in the Ministry of Finance complex, Tuesday, 13 March 2018.

“We have heard from the Meeting Team Secretariat from Washington representing the WBG and the IMF stating that they are pleased with our preparations. Everything will be prepared and 221 days before October now we are ready,” Said Agus to the reporters.

Agus added, of all the preparations made, it’s been decided that we will add the liaison officer (LO) for the upcoming AM IMF-WBG 2018.

According to him, that the National Committee also reviewed the readiness of Indonesia becoming the host by conducting reception to welcome the leader of ASEAN countries also the entire delegates in Bali.

“All this we do with full readiness,” he added.

“We were also discussing about Indonesia being present in the Spring Meetings in April to sincerely invite the world to come to Indonesia in October 2018,” he concluded.