Indonesia Minister of Communication and Informatics: We Fight To Be The Host in Bali, not for playing around

Jakarta – Being the host for Annual Meetings IMF-WBG 2018 not just for receiving guests. More than that, it takes a serious effort to be chosen as the host for more than 15 thousands delegates from 189 countries that will come to Bali.

“Indonesia to host the Annual Meetings in Bali not because just hanging out, (then) ‘hey, you become the host ok!’ No! We fight for it (being host). We were chosen out of a few countries. Means what? Indonesia gets the honor for it,” said the Minister of Communication and Informatics Rudiantara, after attending the AM IMF-WBG 2018 National Committee (PanNas) Coordination Meeting in the Ministry of Finance, Tuesday, 13 March 2018.

Why do we fight to host the yearly event of IMF and World Bank Group? Because lots of benefits will be gained from this meeting.

“The benefits of being a host, Mr. Luhut was saying back then, the benefits will return to us,” he added.

Rudiantara then explains,”I was counting, for no reason, just accommodation for 15 thousands delegates to come, if they spend 500 Dollar a day, the total number would reach US$ 30 Millions just for accommodation.”

“Even more if they spend for food outside their hotel. That means there is a direct benefit generated from this event.”

Not only that, hundreds of computers that is used in that meetings will then be given to the Badung, Lombok and Banyuwangi Regencies. “So all the benefits will be returned to us,” he added.

And for tourism, Rudiantara continues, they will travel to more than 60 tourist destinations offered. He affirms, that it was only a short term calculation. As for the long term, in the meeting in Bali will create many declarations that will become a point of departure to the world’s financial transformation.

Not to mention the declaration that will be planned in Bali which become the milestone for Indonesia as the center, not for the world’s economy, but for the world’s financial transformation,” he concluded.