Tanah Lot: Land of the Setting Sun


It won’t be complete if going to Bali without visiting Tanah Lot. This is one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Here lies the alluring yet solemn, Temple of Tanah Lot. Facing directly to the Indian Ocean plus the temple’s beauty in the silhouette at dusk, made Tanah Lot as one of the best place to watch sunset.

The Temple of Tanah Lot or also called The Temple of Luhur Tanah Lot is a holy place of the Hindu religion relics of the 16th century that is still in use until now. Built as the place to worship the guardian deity of the sea and had become one of the most important temple and the most respected place for the people of Bali.

Located in Keraban Village, District of Kediri, Tabanan Regency, the Temple of Tanah Lot have a distance of 30 KM more or less form Denpasar City, 43 KM from Kuta Beach, and 11 KM South from Tabanan City. The Temple of Tanah Lot situated at the shore of Tanah Lot and firmly standing upon a solid and strong coral stone.

Parted from the mainland, the Temple of Tanah Lot can be reached by foot when tide is down. If seen from afar or when the tide is rising, the Temple of Tanah Lot will be looked like afloat over the water, and will give a spectacular scene. This is why people call it “Tanah Lot”, means a land or island in the sea.

There are eight holy temples in the area of Tanah Lot, which is, Penataran Temple, Penyawang Temple, Jero Kandang Temple, Enjung Galuh Temple, Batu Bolong Temple, Batu Mejan Temple, and Pakendungan Temple. Every temple has its own function and purposes. Besides that, there is Tri Antaka Monument that was built to honor the three patriot of Bali.

Once of 210 day, 4 day after the celebration of Kuningan, right on the sacred holiday known as Buddha Cemeng Langkir, the Temple of Tanah Lot hold an occasion called Odalan or the Temple’s day. On this occasion then the visitors can witness the alluring of Balinese women lining up to bring offerings over in their head to pray in the temple.

The other uniqueness of Tanah Lot is related to local myth about the snake in the temple. The holy snake that can be found at the corner of the reef nearby the temple believed as the guardian and protector from evil attack that disturb the holiness of the temple.

As a tourist place, Tanah Lot has been properly managed for the comfort of the travelers. The Tanah Lot area already have a complete facilities, from parking area, toilet, Balinese gift shops, performing stage, tourist information center and the save and security services.

Other than that, around the tourist area there are also restaurants and lodgings, starting from the small ones until villas and luxurious hotels. Some hotel and restaurant here tend to held many events in the evening, like the Kecak dance show and sunset dinner.

Visiting Tanah Lot will give a wonderful experience. There we can see the beauty of tropical sun that slowly disappearing behind the horizon, listening to the sound of waves against the beach, to the peaceful Indian Ocean that will make people respect life.