No Need to be Pessimistic, Future Must be Faced with Readiness


Jakarta – technology disruption happened over and over in history. Back in the Socrates era when the way of writing just being found, he was feared to replace the role of our brain memory. Queen Elizabeth I once said, machines will replace human jobs. In early 20th century also said that in a hundred years men don’t need to work 40 hours a week because there will be a replacement.

“Means that all those things aren’t proved. Overly pessimistic turns out not happening, the utopian dream didn’t come true. Will also be like that in the future,” said Vivi Alatas, Lead Economist for the World Bank Poverty Program in Indonesia, in Youth Talkshow titled Youth Strategy to deal with Employment Marketing Future Wednesday, 28 March 2018 in Jakarta.

Vivi even saw lots of new hopes in the time coming, in the era named 4th Industrial Revolution. Many types of economic platforms developing, technologies innovations create 3D Printing as example, optical internet, and so on, that will open a market that wasn’t exist.

“The market will be bigger, not only in our district, region or even our continent,” she said.

Other than that, the development in future will create a far better innovation and efficiency. But at the same time it still can create something that called; winner takes all – this situation also happened in the times before where there are sides that will lose and create inequality.

At this point, human resources and education readiness as the formation room becomes important and urgent. This is what Vivi meant to not to be pessimistic in the future but then prepare to face it.

“The point is, there are a lot of homeworks to be done,” said Vivi.

Same thing was also conveyed by Parjiono, the Head of Climate Change and Multilateral Finance Policy Center (PKPPIM) Fiscal Policy Agency of Ministry of Finance. According to him, lots of things to be prepared in the era where competition is not limited in local area but international.

The keyword is Human Capital. There are self capacity and competency inside it. And the younger generations are demanded to be more creative and adaptive to face the future. Therefore the ability to adapt is needed in the changes that always happening.

“Your competitors aren’t from Klaten or any other part of Indonesia anymore, but from other country,” he said.

But then this worries are not belong to just a developing country like Indonesia. Any other country also the same.

“My point is, we must prepare our capacity and competency. We must able to master the technology, we must know what demand comes from global condition, not just from domestic,” he said.

Youth Talkshow that was held by this Fiscal Policy Agency of the Ministry of Finance was attended by the representative of Australian Embassy and Dreamdelion Foundation Indonesia, a community development focused of issues related to health and environment, also local empowerment accompaniment.

This Youth Talkshow held in order Voyage to Indonesia, a series of event held to welcome the Annual Meetings IMF-World Bank Group 2018 in Bali, this October.