Main Events

Main events are principal activities that will be held during the Annual Meetings of International Monetary Fund & World Bank Group (IMF-WBG AM 2018) during 8 –14 October 2018 in Nusa Dua, Bali. These activities are as follows:

  • Official Meetings

    • Annual Meetings Plenary

    During the plenary, Managing Director of the IMF and President of the World Bank Group will communicate significant points to be discussed collectively in accordance with mission and responsibilities of both institutions, which is addressing economic challenges and existing global development, including poverty eradication.

    The Annual Meetings Plenary will be kicked off with an opening address by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, H.E. Joko Widodo.

    • Development Committee (DC)

    The Development Committee serves as an advisory body whose function is to provide direction and discuss the operational activities of the IMF-WBG. Currently the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, stands as the first woman to serve as DC Chair and lead the committee’s meetings of its 25 governors (ministers of finance/ministers of economy) representing the 189 member countries of the IMF-WBG.

    Generally, the DC will discuss issues related to global economic development such as sustainable economic growth, poverty eradication, economic transformation, climate change, natural disaster relief, migration and refugees, gender equality, employment outlook, urbanization, and population/demographic changes.

    • International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC)

    The IMFC advises and reports to the IMF Board of Governors on the supervision and management of the international monetary and financial system, including on responses to unfolding events that may disrupt the system. Although the IMFC has no formal decision-making powers, in practice, it has become a key instrument for providing strategic direction to the work and policies of the Fund.

    The IMFC has 24 members who are central bank governors, ministers, or others of comparable rank and who are usually drawn from the governors of the Fund’s 189 member countries.

    At the end of the meetings, the Committee issues a communiqué summarizing its views. These communiqués provide guidance for the IMF’s work program during the half year leading up to the next Spring or Annual Meetings.

  • Seminars and Events

    The seminars and events that take place during the week of the Annual Meetings are designed to generate discussion and debate as well as promote partnership, cooperation, and knowledge-sharing. Key seminars will be organized by the IMF and WBG and Indonesia, as the host country, will contribute key experts to participate in discussion panels and thematic topics such as case studies on improved investment, financial inclusivity, as well as fiscal and monetary policies that promote development in human resources and institutional, regional government, and economic capacity.

  • Press Conference

    Press Conferences are organized to highlight newsworthy announcements and events on matters of global or region-specific relevance that are being discussed at the Annual Meetings. These engagements with the media offer a platform for thought leaders to reach a wide audience and provide access to the latest news and updates.

Organizing Institutions