Indonesia as Host

The Annual Meetings are a collection of events that take place in October around the yearly gathering of the Board of Governors, which includes official representatives from the 189 countries that are members of both institutions. They are one of the top economic conferences in the world.

The Meetings bring together central bankers, ministers of finance, academics, private sector executives, parliamentarians, civil society organization (CSO) representatives, and journalists. The various events give participants the opportunity to discuss issues of global concern, including the economic outlook, financial stability, jobs and growth, poverty eradication, development, and aid effectiveness.

In September 2014, Indonesia expressed interest and submitted a proposal as part of the selection process. The IMF-WBG carried out site inspections of candidate countries in December 2014 and Indonesia was selected by shareholders as 2018 host country after an official announcement during the 2015 Annual Meetings in Lima, Peru.

Hosting the Annual Meetings will put Indonesia in the spotlight on the world stage and highlight its importance in and rising role regarding global issues. The Meetings will provide a platform for Indonesia—and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region more broadly—to showcase impressive social and economic achievements in recent years.

In addition, the Meetings is an investment that will result in a boost to the local economy and several industries such as convention and meetings support services, transportation, hotels and accommodations, restaurants, retail, entertainment, tourism, and cultural points of interest. Lasting economic benefits result from Indonesia being showcased internationally as a destination for culture, tourism, and trade and investment opportunities.

The Annual Meetings in Bali are an opportunity for Indonesia and Asia to reaffirm their importance and influence on the global stage. Indonesia is an emerging powerhouse in Asia, with increasing global influence as one of the next largest emerging markets in the world. 

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